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15 Oct

How to identify authentic Cuban cigars

Like Rolex, Gucci and other luxury items, Cuban cigars are often counterfeited. It is especially a problem, given that they are sold online and there is no way to check their authenticity before the purchase. The embargo on cigars also contributed to creating a strong counterfeit market. Most supposedly “Cuban” cigars are fake.

Authentic cigars So how can you protect yourself from fakes and make sure that you have the real deal? First of all, don’t go for cheap cigars. If you are offered Monte Cristo No. 3, Partagas, Ramon Allones Gigantes or Monterrey Double Corona at unbelievably low prices, they are most probably counterfeit.

The best way to stay clear of fake Cuban cigars is to buy them from a reputable website like Cuban-Cigar.Com.
How do I know that cigars from Cuban-Cigar.Com are the real deal? Well, I had my doubts at first. With such heavily counterfeited items as Cuban cigars, you can never know for sure. I even consulted a friend of mine who smokes only Cuban cigars to make sure that I got authentic stogies.

He assured me that I did not get duped (which was very good to know) and told what I should look for to verify the authenticity of a Cuban cigar. First of all, the box should have the heat-stamped “Habanos s.a. HECHO EN CUBA ” inscription across its base. If it is a hand-made Cuban cigar, the inscription should also say ‘Totalmente a mano’.
The cigar box should also have seals at the top right-hand corner that glow under ultra-violet black light. The cigars should be divided by a thin sheet of cedar, not a cardboard liner.

But the most important is what your senses tell you – the aroma and taste of Cuban cigars should be rich and pleasant. When I tasted my Cohibas, I knew that they couldn’t be fake.

Now I know that the cigars that I order from Cuban-Cigar.Com are authentic and I don’t have anything to worry about.


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