Cuban-Cigar Com coupon code

05 Dec

When you go to an actual store, a friendly atmosphere, polite treatment of customers and efficient staff are key factors. But as you don’t really have any other option than shopping for Cuban cigars online, they key factor is rather the price, delivery terms and, of course, promotions and discount coupons.
Cuban-Cigar.Com Coupon Code One of the reasons why I chose Cuban-Cigar.Com is their frequent promos. They know how to please their customers, offering discounts on major holidays and lower prices on some items from time to time.

Site: Cuban-Cigar.Com
Coupon Code: CubanCigarcom!
Discount: 3% OFF
Date of expiry: NEVER

Over time, it became a sport for me. I would place orders only after getting a discount code from Cuban-Cigar.Com. Nobody wants to overpay, right?
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Cuban-Cigar Com Review

24 Nov

Hello. My name is Nick Chase, and I am a cigar aficionado. The fact is, I like cigars. That’s one of my weaknesses (or not). One of my earliest childhood memories is watching my dad sitting on the patio, smoking a large cigar. So it’s only natural that when I grew up, I began smoking cigars as well.

Cuban-Cigar.Com Review You probably wonder why I am writing a blog about Cuban-Cigar.Com. I believe when you share something good with others, something good happens back to you. Plus, I want to save fellow cigar smokers the trouble of looking for a good Cuban cigar e-store.
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Buy cuban cigars

06 Nov

What is the best e-store to get Cuban cigars?

Buy cuban cigarsIf you like cigars like I do, you probably know that Cuban cigars are the best since the country’s soil and climate is ideal for growing tobacco. Unfortunately, you cannot just go to any store to buy a pack of Cuban cigars because of the ridiculous US embargo, meaning that you can only get cigars made of Cuban tobacco from online stores.

On the one side, it’s quite handy – you don’t have to go out and can relax in your lounge chair while browsing the online catalog. That said, you can’t really feel the smell of the cigar, touch it or verify its authenticity, so you should be extremely picky while choosing a cigar website.
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Authentic cigars

15 Oct

How to identify authentic Cuban cigars

Authentic cigars So how can you protect yourself from fakes and make sure that you have the real deal? First of all, don’t go for cheap cigars. If you are offered Monte Cristo No. 3, Partagas, Ramon Allones Gigantes or Monterrey Double Corona at unbelievably low prices, they are most probably counterfeit.

The best way to stay clear of fake Cuban cigars is to buy them from a reputable website like Cuban-Cigar.Com.
How do I know that cigars from Cuban-Cigar.Com are the real deal? Well, I had my doubts at first. With such heavily counterfeited items as Cuban cigars, you can never know for sure. I even consulted a friend of mine who smokes only Cuban cigars to make sure that I got authentic stogies.
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